About Us

Onecare Partner is the one of medical service provider and medical transportation company under PT. Raka Sandy Onecarindo.

The company  was established since 2018 and focusing in four  (4) services : Onecare Medical Partner, Onecare  Medevac Partner, Onecare Assistance Partner  and One Aero Partner.

In business development, Onecare Partner follow  the market demand and create new services  breakthroughs according to community needs  which is adjusted to the conditions and request of  each branch office such as : House of Vaccination,  Diabetic Clinic, Medical Education and Medical  Training, Android Application for roadside  emergency, and Third Party Administration for  Insurance Support.

Raka Sandy Onecarindo Management keep  continue made innovation and growing up  company by opens some branch office and  medical assistance panel in all Indonesia cities for  arranging good medical services , quick access  and efficiency prices.