Onecare Assistance Partner is of the medical assistance company to help overseas medical assistance is providing emergency medical and travel assistance in indonesia, we are standby to be part of your travel assistance to provide if any emergency assistance arise in Indonesia,

Guarantee Medical Bill

When any travel insured got sickness or accident and coverage by travel insurance, onecare partner will help local and overseas medical assistance to send guarantee letter or direct medical bill payment to clinic or hospital. Our call center team will help your company to obtain Medical Report, medical Advice, Original medical data, original Medical Invoice , copy insurance and patient Identity.

Airport Assistance

When patient traveling alone, onecare partner will assist patient for check in process, wheelchair assistance, baggage assistance , immigration clearance and other concierge services required.

Land Ambulance

Onecare has own ambulance which based in Surabaya, jakarta , Lombok and some panel ambulance in all Indonesia area, if any ambulance assistance required , onecare partner will help you to pick up your patient from their residence , hospital or airport ambulance transport.

Travel Assistance

When patient need car assistance either to see medical provider or need car transport to airport, onecare partner provides car assistance service with many type of cars ( 4 seaters or 8 seaters). In Onecare Travel Assistance, we help you for airlines ticketing , guarantee hotel accommodation or others travel assistance requirement.

Human Body Repatriation

When patient passed away , onecare partner help you to provide the assistance for deceased body such as : Body Evac, Repatriation of mortal remains, Burial, Crematio And administration clearance included death certificate, police report, embalming, coffin arrangement and etc. For body repatriation, we are work with local funeral services in providing human body assistance Either you need local body repartition or international body evac, our company has a lot experience in providing reparation of mortal remains from overseas to Indonesia , intercity of Indonesia or from Indonesia to overseas.