Onecare Medevac or Medical Evacuation services covering emergency services by land, by Train, Sea and Air Transportation.

We provide complete ICU equipment such as Portable Ventilator, Syringe Pump, Patient Monitor, AED, Suction Pump, Vacuum mattress, Portable Oxygen etc.,

Onecare Medevac is supported by ICU Medical Team consisting of Anesthesia Doctor, ICU Senior Nurse, Emergency Doctor and onecare medevac services are fully supported by the Staff Operation Coordinator who manages the medical evacuation and Alarm center staff who control the evacuation process and update the evacuation action to the insurance or the patient’s family.


Road Ambulance Services

Onecare Partner provides BLS & ALS Ambulance services for helping patient transport from home to hospital, inter hospital, Inter city , and island to island. Onecare ambulance was designed for ICU ambulance configuration with completed by 4 Oxygen Pin Index system, Ventilator, Patient Monitor, Syringe Pump, AED , Suction Pump, Emergency kit & drugs and others disposable medical devices.

Ambulance cabin also well prepared such as Paramedic Chairs, Lighting system & Electric System, so when patient suppose to be transported in long journey, our medical team will more confidence to handle the patient and not too worry regarding the oxygen or battery consumable.

Train Medical Transport ( TMT)

Onecare Partner is the company that first spawned medical assistance services through the Railroad. This medevac service we named “Train Medical Transport” (TMT), equipped with a rail wheelchair system and Portable Oxygen Concentrator. The TMT service reaches all of cities in East Java, Central Java, West Java and Jakarta.

The Train Medical Transport is for people with medical budget and need medical referral from city to city in java islands.

Commercial Medevac Flight Services

Medical evacuation services on commercial aircraft or Regular Flights are served in 2 ways:

  1. Medical Assistance Services for patients by sitting in an ordinary chair or required wheelchair assistance.
  2. Medical assistance services for patients with required lay down in the plane or stretcher case.
The service system on commercial aircraft covers flight administration whose arrangements are assisted. by the Onecare team with the following system:

1) If the patient only requires standby oxygen, the Onecare Partner team will accompany the patient by arrange Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) which has been approved by the airline, Onecare partner provides oxygen POC model Philips SymplyGo : equipped with an extra battery, Oxygen POC can be used 5 hours non-stop on flights over and in this condition, patients can immediately fly without waiting for MEDIF approval.

2) If the patient needs oxygen continuously, Onecare partner will prepare airlines Oxygen Tank with a capacity of 5 LBS – 10 LBS accompanied by oxygen POC for flight safety, all flight administration required, will be prepared by onecare team and the preparation shall need 2 days for Domestic flight and 3 Days for International Flights. Wheelchairs will be arranged according to the needs of patients, the Onecare Partner Team will prepare 3 type wheelchair selections that include WCHR = normal wheelchair, WCHS = wheelchair models to board the flight ladder and WCHC = wheelchairs that are used up to the aircraft cabin.

3) Patient services with beds (Stretcher Case) on commercial aircraft for patients with lying down or unable to sit, Onecare Partner helps patients’ families to arrange stretcher case on the planes, prepare flight documents, MEDIF Approval, arrange ambulances into tarmac for delivery and pickup at the destination airport, medical team and medical equipment on the plane, Operation Coordinator staff for arrangements from the hospital to the airport. The process of patient care with a bed on a plane will takes 3 days arrangement for both domestic and international routes.

Sea Ambulance Speedboat

Onecare partner along with a subsidiary of Black Panther Cruise set up an Ambulance speedboat fleet located on Gili Trawangan Lombok, The medical evacuation services by speedboat we start from Gili Island for covering the medevac route from Gili to Lombok and from Gili to Bali.

And for medevac using ferry service we use for the
last option consider with :

  1. Weather conditions with high waves
  2. There are no commercial flights for the destination route
  3. The patient’s condition cannot fly due to medical reasons
  4. Limited insurance guarantee

Onecare Partner using Ferry services are often carried out for the medevac route from Java to Bali and from Lombok to Bali or vice versa.

Emergency Helicopter

Medical Evacuation using helicopter , heli medic or we called “Medical Retrieval” is an option of medical transportation service for short routes served by Onecare partners with the following conditions:

  1. Patient location at Remote islands
  2. Emergency Services on Cruise Ship
  3. Helicopter services in big cities with extraordinary traffic

Onecare partner under sister company “ one-aero” made Helicopter panels in several of Indonesia Islands, all types of helicopters are equipped with Heli Stretcher equipment, Medical Teams and Medical Equipment.

Medical Air Ambulance

Onecare partner is very experienced in air ambulance services or Air Ambulance Charter, we prepare various types of air ambulances from propeller aircraft (turboprop) and various choices of medium jets such as (Learjet, Westwind, Gulfstream, hawker and Legacy).

The Air Ambulance provides by Onecare partner services reach all airports in Indonesia and Asia. Onecare Partner team provides Air Ambulance Services for the following cases:

  1. Neonatal (NICU) complete with incubator and baby ventilator
  2. Pediatric (PICU) for children under 10 years
  3. ICU / ICCU for Adult patients

Air Ambulance services include services from the hospital where the patient is located to the destination hospital or called ” service in all package or bed to bed services”.

And onecare partner do all preparations for the Air Ambulance Service are very fast, 3 hours for domestic routes and 5 hours for international routes, especially for China and Europe, it takes 1 day in preparing landing permits.